The Pittmans

How it All Went Down

Coming up with a unique proposal idea was pretty tough at first. After weeks of dead ends I finally came up with something that I thought would be a lot of fun and I called up my brother, Brittan to see if he'd be willing to help me shoot and edit a short film for Courtney. Of course he said yes without hesitating (thanks again little bro).

I knew Courtney wanted the proposal to be a big celebration with lots of friends and family around, so on a Friday night in November of 2011 I projected the video onto a giant wall in downtown Austin. As the video played dozens of friends and family that I had called prior to the proposal popped up out of hiding places around the giant wall, surprising Courtney as the video played. At the end of the video, with dozens of people watching, I dropped down on one knee and I asked the girl of my dreams to marry me. She said yes.

Check out the video, the first half is a recap of how everything went down, and the second half is the actual video that played that night. Thanks to everyone who made it possible that night!

Tracks from video:

Youth Lagoon – Cannons
Youth Lagoon – Afternoon


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